Amigo 🌵! I'm HAYATO in around the world.

Temperature is 28 ℃, weather is sunny

Currency → 0.1US $ 🇺🇸 → 111yen🇯🇵
Yesterday was Friday! In other words? What?
It's a party! (゚ ∀ ゚) Ha ha ha!
Alex invited  me to the party. Of course I go!! I feel that it's getting more and more parrypeep as I travel.
I just have to make a formal dress like this party! !
Actually I do not have a jacket, shirt, or tie ...
All right! Do not worry Hayato! I will lend it to you! Mario said.
He went up stairs and took jacket. But it's big for me..
It is saying that not  wearing but completely hiding my upper body.
Ha ha ha! He laughs and brought a new one.
It's like this.
Is it necessary to tied?
Because you have to turn on when you enter, lol
Is it so. Let's do it. 
Ha ha ha!!!
I guess it's obviously funny lol. I asked him you do not have shirt? He said it is okay it will go with it.
By the way this is Mario's formal wear.
Cool! Σ (゚ Д ゚)
Of course Alex is also shivering in the same way.
No worries anymore. This is today 's combat uniform!
On the way we took  the girl(not my type) and I arrived at a large house.
A young men who is wearing cool suit 👔and beautiful girls who is wearing gorgeous dress 👗  are standing outside house.
I dont want to be Seen my necktie! Pass through the gate while hiding. It was strange tension.
At the moment of entering, take a necktie and screw it into my pocket.



I found Welcome board and beautiful woman. Hayato photo! My friends said me.




Fucking terrible 🤦‍♂️



Overall it's very loose , crumpled and it's a sneaker and I feel it's so gross to chuckle lol.
This beautiful woman probably did not get it, this dirty skeleton came beside me. I'm Sorry lol
I entered the room and feel down. But music is so noisy.







A party of El Salvador that is somewhat different from what I thought. The place to eat (place to talk?) And to dance is far!!
The place to dance is a further part of this pink quadrangle. . It seems like a toy cleaned up in a toy box when looking from yeast.
While we were talking, we realized that the beautiful womans group are sitting near and talk  beside us.
Mario talked them  this guy from Japan! Take a picture! ! 


plz! Wait for making up!!



A Japanese with poor smile , Salvadoreña with sales smile.


Who is your favorite??

After this I danced  with one of them. It is the result of practice in Salsa and Bachata! I am enthusiastic.


Actually I did not dance either and did free dance.


This was fucked erotic.


She put her hands on my neck, shaking  her waist and ass too much, She was master of sexy dance!!!


Huh? I am not used to that kind of thing💦💦


Actually I had a pleasant Such a girl 😍Wow!!


One day I will go to another party as well!