presentation (part1)

Amigo 🌵! It is hay around the world.


The temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the weather is sunny


Currency → 0.1US $ 🇺🇸 → 111yen🇯🇵
I have lectured on Japanese education at the National University of El Salvador.
I got this one before. PROFESSOR HAYATO ORITA (゚ ∀ ゚) Ha ha ha!
I never thought that it would be such a thing lol. it was The first lecture on my life. It is MINI TED. 

I abandoned cherry boy of lecture.
Alex is a teacher of the university and said me that told about education in Japan. Isaid OK! After I talked Ryuka about that, she said do it! do it!
I made a story for two people over a week.
As she can not go on that day that's why She will give me an alternative translator as Eddie who join the Japanese classroom of her. 
He is a wonderful translator.For example, "That flower is beautiful" is converted into a wonderful word like "That flower is bathed in the sunlight and releases the sparkle of crimson, tempting insects".
Oh, he is studying Japanese so He can not talk at all, but can speak English so I have no problem.
Three people have talked with Waiwai Gaya Gaya once (only once lol) Finally completed. Although it says that, We werebasically chilling .
Talking about "active learning in Japanese elementary school"
I'm not an elementary school teacher, so I asked  to my friends' teacher and reading some books.
It is boring just listening to the story, so the basis is to make the listener move. (This is Active Learning!)
Self Introduction → Game 2 times → What I wanted to tell → Explain interesting habits of elementary school in Japan → reconfirm what I wanted to tell
It is the composition.
On that day,Alex,Eddie and I ate breakfast together  at 7:45am 
Arrived at the classroom where I'll speech. The program looks something like this.
My name is written ! !
However, this week are end of term semester test week. That's why almost students can come this lecture. A few audience came.
Let 's have fun with coming audience!


At first is national singing.
National singing! !
Even if we do not go there ...
Everyone sings by putting their hands on their chests. Au Salvador - ♫
First of all, a good teacher talks about health. Everyone take notes seriously. Complete lecture type.
There are people who enter the middle of the gallery and they gradually increase their galleries.
It finisheD in about 30 minutes.
Thereafter, there is a mysterious violin performance (only to really do it), "professor HAYATO please!" MC called me!
Finally I came on! !
Eddie And I went speech potion while the audience were clapping .
The face is smiling with creepy tension. Nyaniyanyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyaniyanyanya 😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊
First of all, I introduce myself in Spanish.  Then I talked one of story. Hay, Cino! No, I'm a hapones ... I made audience laugh. 
Grab the okay! !
The place is warming with a good feeling! !
It will be long so far. Let's meet at part 2.