presentation(part 2)


Amigo 🌵! Im HAYATO and traveling  around the world.


The temperature is 28 ℃, the weather is sunny.


Currency → 0.1US $ 🇺🇸 → 111yen🇯🇵
First impression is okay!
Next is a game. Eddie said "Please do it in Japanese."
Challenger appeared.
Well, can I suddenly speak in Japanese!? 
But I started to speak  in Japanese cause his eyes is bright lol
Eddie could translate perfectly.
Although there are punctuators that the manuscript is placed on a script.
The first time writing  El Salvador map within 14 states.


Er! I do not understand! I do not know! Everyone said.
  You can investigate so write it. And tell  me easy to understand.
It seems that there are many people who can not write without examination. I wonder if Japanese could write on 47 prefectural maps when I told you to write it.
As some people shared what is your idea. the last girl was good so I said  , "your map is  amazing! That's why I could be easy to understand.You're smart! Do you tell me your phone number?" Other audience was laughing.

For the second time, one group write Japanese map. In this case,Do not investigate. 

Everyone shout I do not know! And still desperately thinking about it.
Except for one group.
I found one of group searched exactly map! Fjord around Iwate Prefecture also firmly writes lol
Stop it! right away!!
Give hints on the way and have them think further.
Each group made nice (funny) Japan . It seems that they know Japan is long verticals.
When Time finished, I am admired to see mapa on your phone. "Ah! No!" They said.



Also asked "Was it difficult?"  "It was very difficult".
Told  the purpose of this game (how to communicate to your opponent, thinking ability, image skill, etc to raise communication skills etc ... how to tell children these things), Japanese education is doing this Introduction, sometimes asking questions ...

Then taught  the enrollment rate of children in Japan," how is it?" I asked and made them say opinions.


After that, at elementary school, we introduce that almost kids alone are go school and back from it , and asked questions (How about El Salvador? If it is peaceful, is it good? in fact Belize is so, Belize is said to be more dangerous than Japan? ) again . Everyone is thinking.
The last I said Ability to think is most important. Teachers and adults have to give not information but opportunity to think.
I was surprised to see a few people taking notes. Personally it was good (゚ ∀ ゚) Ha ha ha!
I got a nice feeling certificate at the end.


beautiful girl 😊😊

Lecturers. I do not have aura in here lol 

Lunch service for lecturers. Because I am  a professor www
Took with  Eddie 📸

Thank you so much.
In this experience I was able to be 1up! I  The difference between communicating what you want to convey and what you want to hear is difficult. But I thought that what I thought would be enjoyable to others was important.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity Alex, Ryuka.
In the afternoon I had a Japanese classroom with Ryuka's students in cafe.

It was only 2 hours but it was quite fun! They shared what We did at this time in their group.

In Dinner I participated in Hans' cousin's high school graduation celebration party.

Mom was deeply crying.



niece? Re-slave sister? This neighborhood is too much and it is misleading, but it looks like a balloon was walking and swollen with a bang.

Then I said "Tell me salsa!" "Of course!" But they taught me not salsa but another mysterious dance and I was turned and turned... Anyway it's awesome! hahahaha !!

Salvador gathers up A lots relatives for celebrations in the family. It seems to take 10 years to remember names and relationships.