Caracas!!(English ver)


Amigo 🌵! It is Hayato in round around the world.


The temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the weather is sunny


Currency → 1 $ 🇺🇸 → 112 ¥ 🇯🇵 → 237000 BOL 🇻🇪
【Caracas Venezuela Sightseeing】
7:00 am, an airplane to Caracas will start a departure announcement.
Bring bread and sweets tightly and return home (perhaps) Venezuelans.
I realized that when I saw this scene (Oh, Venezuela was totally difficult to eat food😨).
I take an airplane by walking on the airport.
The weather is good.
There are few vacant seats inside the cabin. Busty beauty is on the right. On the left side across the aisle is a big tits beauty x 2
I feel like being caught in milk. Ah, Venezuelan fun lol
A Japanese with a high tension.
Airport officials and CAs have been working with  (- "-) (-" -) (- "- )(- "-) for work from early in the morning.
I did my job from 7:00 am! Because the nursery school was open at the same time, I can understand that feeling. I was a rare teacher pushing sleepy head to the front though.
We arrive in Caracas in 1h 30 min. Because my stomach hurts, I refuse service juice and go back and forth in the toilet to kill time.
Because it is a small airplane, it's just a single toilet and many times it's dondondon! It was knocked. A
The landing arrived safely (?) While slamming.

Immigure is also early in the morning so there is no queue. It will be your turn immediately.
"Good morning"
Picky, fluent ... Gotchaan!
"Thank you"
It ended like this. I wrote an immigration card in the airplane but I did not receive it for some reason watching it glaring
I will leave the gate in about 15 minutes after I get off the plane without any problems with baggage inspection.

taxi? taxi? exchange? What? Like taxi drivers are not that kind of persistent.
It is more ordinary than I thought, Caracas.
Daniella and his friend whom we meet on couch surfing came pick me up at the airport so I headed to another friend Alejandro.


Daniella was stopped by the police because it was not seatbelt on the way. LOL
Once I put my luggage and everyone went to eat breakfast.

Venezuelan specialty arepa (arepa)
Feeling thickening the outer body of tacos.. The ingredients are tacos like contents without Pupusa. delicious!
Together with juice it costs 100 yen. Happy.
Since Venezuela is in Chi-Irraca state, the amount can be seen as 230000, 400000 and so on, and it is mobile and over 10 million, you can see lol
Even though it does not carry such cash, everyone is paying cards. You can use cards even in small market shops.
For some reason the bus is cash only, so people without cars have to wait at ATM. So any ATM is a long line. I think it will take about an hour to withdraw money.
After that it is sightseeing in Venezuela.






It is more beautiful than I thought! There is no shock as Panama, but garbage has not fallen and there are signals properly.
The shopping mall is also beautiful. There are places in the shop inside and there are places closed.
The movie is an adult 116800 bol (50 yen)! ! Even super-discount www popcorn 🍿 is 500 500 bol (200 yen).


That's why everyone keeps food drinks and enters the movies.
Super is like this. I tried to take a picture and it was a voyeur because I was told that it was no good.



Meat corner 🥩🥓🍖 ...

Fanta 1.5l → 140000bol (60 yen), Doritos 45g 110000bol (40 yen), Takeo!
There is something, but there is no meat, no bread. People can decide who can shop at supermarket. Daniella is Wednesday, Mom is Tuesday. It seems like I can buy it with my family.
There is no thing but a lie. If you go to the market you sell vegetables and even if the date you can buy is decided there are plenty of caracas. The news does not convey the truth.
After the supermarket I went for a ropeway and foreigners have to pay 15$!! I didn’t use it!! 

Local people cost around 0.5$They lost credit from people especially foreigners because they think about their immediate profit...
These case usually happens in poor country, but it is too blatantly disappointed a little disappointing 🤷 
I can not update my blog for a week from tomorrow. Coz A little big mountain climbs up.