I was cheated 😭














I woke up at6:30am. I don’t have idea why I can wake up on time when I have to go. Lol



My room which is 8beds was dark and heard  small snoring 💤 



While I cared not to make sound, I prepared. 



6:30am opened the door. Outside is also silent. No one walked. I mean it’s  not dangerous but mysterious... I like this atmosphere.



ohhh! I don’t have time to feel like this!!! Run run run!!



One Japanese skinny guy was running Madina which is such a labyrinth.



Of course I lost my way ( ゚∀゚ )hahahaha!!!



I murmured “where am I???” “Don’t leave my bus!!!”((((;゚Д゚)))))))



Chauen madina is great enemy...



Finally I could arrive bus terminal. But there is expensive one. So I went to ticket office and asked local one.



” Hi good morning. What time the bus which is go Rabat leave?”






Local one is little bit late. Cost is 80mad. 



 Also I asked him about luggage fee. He told me “I don’t know. 5 or 10.”



why why you don’t know😑



My antenna reacted what he said. It’s super strange...



my bus came. I passed my luggage for kind of assistant. Then I was waiting the seat.



He checked ticket and took luggage fee from customers. 2 French couple who sat in front of me paid 20mad each person!!!






Why they paid!?? They didn’t know!?? Even if they don’t know, it’s fucking expensive....



(he will say same thing for me...)



He checked my ticket and said. 



“Luggage fee is 20”



“Are you kidding meeee!!??? It’s too much!!!!” I shouted.



He was little bit surprised and said “ oh ok ok . Come with me”



we got off the bus. And talked again. 



“20! You use this space!” He said.



” Yes I use. But 20 is expensive! I know the price!” I said.



Then 2guys who are looks like his friends or work members came to us.



Oh shit... 3 Moroccan and 1 traveler. We discussed around 5-10min. But The bus departs soon.. and there are no people... So atmosphere was too bad... 



One of them said me “ Chauen to Rabat is far away. You should pay 10 or 20



Although I can’t understand his opinion ( why luggage fee change by distance 🤣? And why I can choose fee🤣?), I paid 10.



Damn it!!!



I never ever pay more than 5!! 



Bus run 7h. I arrived Rabat.





I have appointment to meet host at7:00pm. So I walked to center city. It’s 4.5km. No problem.



For cycling road. 


Tram 🚊!!


I didn’t know these facts... it was clean and calm down than I thought..



I got free WiFi!! 




Finally we met. His name is Montacir. 23years old. 



He took me restaurante.


Tajin!!! Chiken with piro-piro bread(?)



Anyway it was nice 👍 



we went went to home.


He also tried kendama haha.



hash tag #kendama in Morocco lol