Moroccan sauna 🧖‍♂️



















I usually woke up around 10:00. But it was raining and windy... I can’t go out bed...


Montacir came back home at evening and invited me“ let’s go Moroccan sauna!!”
We were packing towels, swimming suit, shampoo and soap in a small backpack.
Rain was stopping and only Koran is singing.
We walked 5min. Very close to our home.


Moroccan version sauna. The name is Hamman.


Admission fee Adult 15 Mad.
It is 9: 30 ~ 18: 00.
When paid money I got a jelly like a mass of black sugar. Munimuni (´∀`)


When we entered changing clothes room,

This face changed...



Like this.
Already hot……
Leave your luggage to your stuffes here.
I thought that I should  take off all my clothes and put my water pants. I didn’t have to do it. Just pants And enter.
Take the bath set and go inside.

Bath set.
Inside is a complete sauna. What a hell! Already hoooottt!! The temperature is different depending on the room, but it is not so much as the Japanese sauna, but it is quite hot.
A faucet comes out of the wall and sets a bucket there, adjusts hot water and water and draws it.
Joba Jobajoba Jobajoba Jobajoba Jobajoba ......
At first, I washed my body with like a black sugar jelly which we got at the entrance.
This jelly seems to be sold only in Medina. It might be valuable thing.
After shedding once, I scraped my body with scrubbing.
There was a person doing this sludge and he was massaging.
Like this

Camel clutch
Sleeper Hold





Power Bomb.
The man said "Heeeeeyyyy!!!" or "oh!... ahhhhhhhhhh ..." they looks like fighting haha
Then wash away !!💦💦
Men’s lie down on the  Floor. I guess there are a lots detox……

After shampoo and and wash your body. But we were moving always in the sauna. So I don’t know this is good or bad lol
When going out of the sauna everyone is like a tired. And dressing room is also very moist. Then shopkeeper said me “nihan! Nihan!” I think he would like to say “ni hao” Yes, im Japanese lol
A fun experience I did in Morocco. The refreshing feeling on the way home. Thank you for bringing me there, Montacir !!