No gasoline... 100km left!!













A driver who picked me up is Youssef. He lives in Laayoune. He and his friends were Casablanca and coming home on the way.



Im super lucky boy!!



The car didn’t have problems until Guelmim. Then we stopped.



We took gasoline 70Mad. It means 3meter...



Almost nothing haha!



And then Youssef said “ this car’s lights were broken”



oh..  ok..ok.. we repaired it.




Look wheel. It was banded lol






While car was repaired, I was watching this.









He is shaving wood. And this machine is made in Italy.



Finally car finished repairing. Let’s go!!



I drunk milk which I got from one guy in Tiznit.



little bit sweet. I hope it’s not decay yet.



While running, empty mark started to flash before 50km next gasoline station!!!



Ive known it!!!┣¨━━━━(´゚Д゚`)━━━━ン



Anyway Youssef was yawning “No problem. This is Moroccco”



I don’t understand “this is Moroccco” but starry sky was awesome 👏 



1h later we arrived Tan-Tan. It’s small town. Huuuuu... we can take gasoline at las....



“We don’t stop here.”


















Car passed Tan-Tan..... Lump flashed too much. Until Laayoune is 304km!!



OMG_| ̄|○



I only trust this car can arrive ...



We ran 30min. Then we stopped Akhfennir. And took gasoline 50Mad. Lol



Youssef sleep zzz



You know that it’s difficult to wake a guy who slept once. However His friend tried to do it, he didn’t wake. Finally they said Hayato can you drive?”



I said “ Do you wanna die?”



Actually I have license but I don’t have international licence. So I don’t wanna be caught lol



Also mostly car in Japan is automatic. No longer to drive manual.



While Youssef rub his eyes, continued driving...



We run 100km. Heavy weight comes on my eyes. They are closed automatically. I didn’t close eyes! But can’t stop!!



Then Youssef said



”We die. Stop here and sleep.”



I agree with you all. Anyway why your friend didn’t make you stop 😇



We used blanket and fall down. It was Very quickly sleeping. Gu-Gu- zzzz



Sleeping about 6h. Sun made us wake. Strong sunlight attacked. 



Ok. Continue to drive.




Attention Camels 🐪 




Yes camels 🐫🐪🐫🐪🐫



Run, run, run still flashing lump for 100km. 



Finally we arrived Laayoune!! The car was amazing lol









But ....



Don't let my guard down. It was on the way to Dakhla 😨