religion is interesting













I drunk this (↓) day before yesterday!!
















no mames...



When I saw this at first, I was pretty happy!! But I knew it after drinking....



Adan said “ impossible to find alcohol in Nuakchott.” Mauritania is very district of religion. 



Also I showed these pictures another friend who lives in Costa Rica.



she answered “I know





This drink is not famous in Japan!!!!! Anyone know this one??



Yesterday the other female guests came. Their way is from South Africa to Morocco by west side in Africa. Both of them are used to traveling and One woman studied South Africa, Hong Kong or worked Taiwan, Iceland.



They also have done Hitchhike, CS. Iliana who is from Czech is very very smart. I understand she is strong. As she is gonna work UN in Lebanon, I’m gonna be hosted there 😜













Because of Africa, I met a lots great traveler until Mauritania. From now on, I will be able to meet wonderful people!!!



By the way I am Takoyaki traveler lol



They talked about religion too much. Adan said “Muslim is not good!!” He denied it. Also two strong travelers also “Bible is also strange”



Umm... We are not religioust but I think they believe that there is god. This point is different from my opinion.



I don’t trust there is god. Although I’m not sure how earth or universe was born, we don’t have exactly answer. Who knows?? Who saw??



made would and human. So everyone can put each idea for .






If Religion harm human rights, liberty , must change it. What we wanna do can’t be permitted because of religion.... it’s very pity.



Impossible to change religion but possible to change culture. We can add new philosophy as much as we want.



Such a this discussion had been talked in dinner.




Take rice



Hold as strong as possible (ギューーーっと固めて)



Make such a poop of dog(犬のうんこみたいな形にする)



And throw in your mouth.猿のように食べる。



While I was eating, others were talking with passion lol




Religion is interesting ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!!