Hitchhike is struggle part 2


















Mathis came out first of all while we didn’t understand what it happened.



“Heey!! Take off your dirty shirt 👕 and set down here!!”



It was funny that tank top guy set down in the desert in the night 🤣




like this lol



I saw he was asked a lots. Then ...



“the other guy who is in tent also come out!!”





Oh should I do as well !!??



As I was confusing ,came out from tent.




set down like this.






Put your hands up!! And behind the head!!








It’s first experience to do this.



Although I didn’t understand what police said coz they spoke only French, they taught me how to move hands to behind head.



They asked All question for Mathis not me. So I was just waiting as setting hands behind head.



At first question was “where are you from?” “What were you doing here?” But it proceeded strange way such a “ Are you married ?” “ Why you aren’t married?”



The result it seemed to that we have to go police check point.



It is also first experience as taking by police.



Mathis told me there were 2 problem.


  1. if we make tant on the street or somewhere, we had to get permission.
  2. Here there are a lots snakes, insects with poison. That’s why they made us stop.



When we arrived there, they admitted what we make tent next to their pig police hut. At that time they gave me Mauritanian pasta 🍝. They are kindly or intense...🤔



Anyway they don’t know what is Hitchhike or sleeping in the tent...



When we woke up, they gave us one bread 🥖. And told us “ we are gonna catch car for you guys. Wait here.”



Its good and strange indication.



They seemed not to stop cars. Only time was gone....




Time is money _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




One big bus came. Suddenly police called us  “ Hey guys!! Take this 👍!!”




What!!?? This is bus!! Are you kidding me??



Somehow we could take this one until where we wanna to go. 





Passengers were so kindly. They recommended us water or bread. How they could know we’re poor lol



The bus run and run comfortably....














Although we waited for1h, bus still stopped. It’s strange!! I got off it and check what they did.




Rear also bursting.


















After all, we arrived our distinction at4pm. It was impossible to reach Kaedi same day.



we tried Hitchhike again. In this time we didn’t wait as long as we thought. 







It’s small town but same sands town...




An old man who works as guardian recommended his place where we can make tent for us.




water. GubiGubi.



Quite far away Kaedi than I thought. Hitchhike in Mauritania.. awful 😭



To to be continued...