Hitchhike is struggle part 3














I got WiFi after 3  Lol



This article is last chapter... Im gonna write normal diary from tomorrow.



Well, the sun let us shine. “Hey wake up guys. Your journey doesn’t finish yet.”




we slept here. 



8:00am we departed this place. Thanks for everything guardian!!



Goats are also eating trash today beside we tried to hitchhike. 
















We gave up ✋( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )




Very very very difficult!!!



But I could confirm again. 



In this case, All vehicle demanded dirty us money 💰. I know this situation is normal. 



Hitchhikers and drivers who help such a them are person who is with high quality humanity. Especially drivers. Because they are no meaning what pick up Hitchhikers. Why they help?? Let’s think.



When someone pick up, we have to appreciate too much.



Money is important. But we have to control it.



The life which is controlled by money is shit.



I appreciate like this opportunity to think about it in Mauritania.



Because We have already known price for Kaedi, it was easy to take a taxi.



When we passed small town, there was kind of protest. People forward to us!! 





As I was found by kids, they called “Chinua, Chinua(Chinese!! Chinese!!)!!!”



They were so noisy and persistent... I shouted “I’m Japanese!!”



ohhhh!! Japoni!!Japoni!!Japoni!!Japoni.....



no change...



Taxi was running and picked up on the way. One moment there are 9 people inside lol









We arrived Kaedi 2h later. Pretty long distance than I thought.



Although I was super tired and didn’t wanna stay here anymore, Mathis wanted to stay here. That’s why we separated for each other way.



At first we head out to border together. It was nothing happened. And I could exchange UM🇲🇷→CFA🇸🇳 good rate.



Boat is 20um. I just had it. Here you are!!







I know we own we can meet again as soon as possible!!! Merci Mathis!!



1min later,,,,



I was in Senegal 🇸🇳 



YE━━━━━━ d(゚∀゚)b ━━━━━━S!!



All Japanese doesn’t need visa here. Niceeeeeee!!!



At first I went to police check. And I felt air conditioner wind!!! Wtf!! Love Senegal lol



They checked my luggage. And permitted to go immigration.



This immigration was also easy. But workers was seeing my passport too much lol



... stamp!! ok welcome to Senegal 🇸🇳!!



Yeah!! I was excited😆!!



I asked people who were chilling “ How can I go Saint-Luis?”







“There is no bus from here to Saint-Luis.(smile)”