mosque 🕌 WiFi!!















Other days in Saint-Louis, I spent to be with family and watch movie which is “Anohana” in house.



A daughter was always calling my name lol “Ayato~! Ayato~!”



je m’appelle HAyato(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)






Also I saw 2 kids. Boy and girl. When Papa gave them a toy as blackboard and chalk, the girl who is looks like 10years old drew just Line!!



////////________ ←like this.



I assume If it's the case that like this years old kids is given pen and paper, they could draw something to imagine.. I’m not sure why she did it at that time. Very strange... 



If they can’t draw pictures what they image, it is big problem. I hope my idea is wrong although I’m thinking too much.



The day when I left his home was super hot. I seemed to be melting.... 



As I was tired to think of Hitchhike, I meekly used a bus. 



Price is 2500. Due to information I checked From Rosso to Saint-Louis is 2500 as well. Distance is twice as long as it. 



Thanks for accepting me Bine!! 



When I paid and passed my luggage , kind of assistant told me “Luggage is 1000cfa!!!” as putting on roof of bus.






I don’t know this system. Even if I have to pay for luggage fee, fucking expensive.




“Ok!! My backpack is not big!! I can take inside!!”



“No! It’s too big!! 1000cfa!!”



“It could be!! No problem!!”






“Noooooooo凸(゚皿゚メ) !!!!! ”



Such a smash brothers. Both of them were stubbornness lol



Driver said to me “ anyway you ride from former. Let’s go..”



Ok. I’m coming. 



Somhow I slipped out and rode. Inside was mostly full. 



Without waiting long time, the bus departed.






Run and stop, run and stop.......



It cost me 6h!! Anyway it’s ok coz I could arrive....



Bus terminal is far away from city center. And there is quite long bus. For example Dakar to Bamako. How long does it cost.......



I asked someone which bus goes to city center. 




local bus.200cfa



I arrived city center in Dakar at9:00pm. Fuuuuuu... I had to search WiFi...



Night Dakar was a little bit scared coz there is first time...



Finally I could get WiFi. And it was with mosque 🕌 lol



This WiFi is so strong hahahaha!! While I was waiting one guy who is brother of Bine, a lots people cared about me “ Hey are you ok?”



Im pretty good!! Thanks for your kindness!!







0:00am he appeared and picked me up. I’ll enjoy whole days when I’m in Dakar!!