Go out Gambia !!















Finally It came last day in Gambia. I hope there is no problem MY VISA haha.




8:00am we left his home. He seemed to go school coz something happened. Thanks for hosting me!!



How to go Zinguichor which is my next destination is necessary to change bus in border. There is no direct bus.



At first I head to Brikama. It cost 20d. One woman talked me a lots haha.



And I went to bus terminal. There is a bus From Brikama to border. Cost is 50d and luggage fee. Assistant shouted “luggage is 30d!!!”




wtf!!?? It’s super expensive!! One information which I saw showed luggage is 10.



So we talked and talked. He became angry and angry lol



I went to kind of ticket place and asked one guy. He said “25d” even it’s expensive. Passengers seemed to pay 20 or 25. Perhaps even local people don’t know correct price???



I negotiated and paid 20d.





One guy is from Mauritania and he was very kind. When we arrived border, he helped. That’s why this border happened nothing!!! 



Also it was no stress to take a taxi from border to Zigunichor. I paid 2500cfa and luggage fee 500cfa. Although A bus is 2000cfa, I didn’t know luggage fee. I think total 3000cfa is correct.



Passengers gave me this one.
















Arrived Zinguichor!! There is host in here. We met and went to his home.



Next day I went to embassy of Guinea-Bissau. I’m gonna get VISA!!



He is Sory.





To get Gunia-Bissau Visa is very very easy. I gave one passport copy and 20000cfa. 20min later they gave me it. Haha! So easy!!



After we went to such a tourism site.



There is hotel “Kadiandoumagne” which my host “Sory” worked by internship was not so expensive for foreigners.



If I comeback here, absolutely I will stay here!!