As I thought Hitchhike is impossible















9:00am I left Sory home. Thanks for everything Sory!!



Next destination is Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼. From Zigunichor to there is just one road. And these days I tried to go there were national holidays. All transportation (taxi, bus, etc.) didn’t work so I tried to hitchhike as long time to no do👍 



I was walking for hitchhike point I already found. On the way to there, I couldn’t see general car too much however many taxi or bike taxi was running. Then I noticed. The car which goes to Guinea-Bissau has RGB number plate. I was searching only a car with this plate 👀.



I arrived there and started, Thumbs up 👍!!









Yes... It was difficult.... no car which goes to Guinea-Bissau stopped. Although Several cars stopped, they were gonna until border. 



Haha!! I knew. I didn’t get pity. 



Then one old guy asked me “what are you doing??”



I explained what I was doing. I wasn’t sure he understood or not but he did nod and nod.



10min later he came back here and gave money!!!






“You can go border by this money!! Let’s go!!”



“Wow... thanks.. but today there is no transportation from border to Bissau. I’m searching a car which goes to Bissau directly. Merci....”



After that he took such a his friends. As One guy could speak English, I explained what Im doing and want to do”



One of them was driver who called Breaze and he usually drive between Zinguichor and Bissau. So he will take me Bissau tomorrow !!!






At the result , I stayed his home.



His family makes Senegal wine which is made from Palms.




Alcohol seems to be 15%... but smell is strong as rubber band..



A guy who can speak English was from Gambia. That’s why:)







They were very friendly and kind but little bit persistent lol



they said “Hayato tomorrow we go Bissau. Don’t be afraid” every 10min.



I know why they said it every 10min. Because they were drunk.



Hayato tomorrow we go Bissau. Don’t be afraid”



Hayato tomorrow we go Bissau. Don’t be afraid”









I UNDERSTOOooO━━━━(´゚Д゚`)━━━━oOOOD!!!!