Life in Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼














I saw one traveler who was in Ethiopia on my Facebook. It seemed to quite complicated for him as No water, No roof, disgusting food, discrimination,etc....



Traveling in Africa is not difficult. I mean if you spend time as well as normal travel, you have to pay much more. 



But!! Everything is your choice!! Depend on what you care!!



In my case, I’m traveling Western Africa. This article tell you generally people life in Guinea-Bissau.



At first, my host house doesn’t have electric and water. Haha.





Oh, I didn’t see a house with light which I stayed since 1week ago. When. It comes around 8pm, I have to use phone light or candle light. And no tap water. In this case, last day when I drunk it is 2 weeks ago. I’ve been drinking well water. My stomach is stronger and stronger 🤣



Anyway I stayed São Paulo where is 7km from city center in Bissau.






Several houses have light.




shower. Door is almost broken. Don’t touch!! Small impact occurre big surprise “waaaaaaaaooooo💕💕”





Toilet. You can see blue sky and do it💩. 




When you take a bath, you have to carry water. Sometimes shower room is closed, then we gonna toilet and take a bath 🛀.



How is smell??? Yes it has rose shit 🌹!! Don’t breath if you don’t wanna die however  I’m get used to be🙄



As I walk this region, calling “Chinese!!” too much. Then I teach where I’m from or ask and ask “where is Chinese? Who said? Why you said?etc...”



Sometimes kids say “blanco(white people)” education is very poor.






food is quite delicious !!










Bissau food is best since I’ve ever eaten in west Africa. As food is delicious, Im definitely able to spend good time!!