Xmas is in Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼















My Xmas was in Guinea-Bissau in this year. Last year was in Nicaragua 🇳🇮. One day I wanna spend with girlfriend...



25th we went to city center. My host Minervino (Mine) seems to like hold hand 🤝. I think it’s culture as well as Morocco. When I was in Tanger which is north of Morocco , Esmael told me “even man friends hold hands coz they are good relationship”.




like this 



But Im not used to be this culture!! So I avoided many times haha.







Can you imagine?? This area is central!! There are no high buildings, fancy restaurant and so on.



Mine said “if you can earn 100€ per month, you can live with big family”






This is New record since I started to travel. If someone say “ I don’t have money”, you recommend to go Guinea-Bissau. They would become rich.






We came back home evening. Then I heard songs. I visited a church.



In this case, people were singing. Several people were dancing. Haha not solemn but noisy church.



After singing and praying, suddenly such a drama started. 












The ceremony was closed around 10:30pm. Even it came midnight, nothing happened. Certainly Muslims live as well (I guess Mine is also Muslim). I felt it’s not big day for African Cristians (゚ω゚)



Next day Mine took me his friend house. Then they gave me many foods!!



Guina-Bissau food is very very delicious!!! There are variety and not so spicy. 



However Here Guinea-Bissau is cheapest country in Africa , food or people are 2000% satisfaction!!!