decay! decay!! decay!!!!! Sierra Leone 🇸🇱














I spent almost 10days in Guinea. Thanks Barry!!and next destination is Sierra Leone 🇸🇱



Sierra Leone is famous country as poor and corruption country. I can imagine what I fight with someone lol.



There is direct taxi from Conakry to Freetown. The fee is 130k+20k(luggage fee). Luggage fee is a little expensive however I cut first price ( at first, they said 40k!!)




8:30am we left Conakry. As The driver seems not to have license, he pay 💰 all check points. Ok,ok.. my luggage fee is for this. 



When I arrived immigration of Guinea, battle already started!!



【1- first check point by police】



“ Give me money. You don’t have yellow card ”



Of course I have. I showed and didn’t pay.



【2-passport stump】


Immigration told me “I gave you stump. That’s why you pay me!!”



Oh this guy was very aggressive and intense!!💩



“it’s your job. I don’t pay”



“ I will hit you!! Or pay!!”



wtf. So crazy. 



“What did I do?? I don’t pay”



“ok! I don’t return you r passport!!” And he kept mine in his desk.




Fucking immigration!!!



I didn’t move and say anything . Just calm down and waiting.



Finally he gave up and passed me with disgusting face.



My HP was cut 40/100💔💔







Truthful struggle was from here...



I succeeded to be without paying bribe in Guinea. Let’s go immigration of Sierra Leone!!



Japanese can get Visa in border as I saw internet. I thought it’s easy to get it..



【1- yellow card check 】


Of course they demanded money. I didn’t pay. Haaaaaa..... I got tired....



【2- police check 】


He said “ I don’t demand money as someone do it” . Oh , really?? But why you know people demand money?? Lol



After check, he said “ what do you give me(smile 😁)??”



After all you demand!!!!!



I gave him fucking tired smile and gone.



when I went to passport stump, I told what I wanna get visa here.



Then a guy took big boss as looks like American president Trump. Oh I understand you are arrogance, high pride and wanna money 🤑🤑🤑.



This boss( I call him decay Coffee bean ) said 






“No!!! You can’t get Visa here!!! You should go back!!!”






??? Hey, someone call ambulance 🚑. He gets big damage in his head.



This decay coffee bean was very angry and intense. I know he makes me scary.



“I know I can get it!!”



”Nooooo!!!! I’ve never made it in here!!!! Go back!!!!!!”



Even I explained politely and silently, he couldn’t hear coz he is baby. Always talking, talking and talking. 



Then taxi driver and other passengers came. Of course as they don’t know what Japanese can get visa here, they also said you should have taken in Conakry... 



The situation was heat up. Driver seemed to be hurry up. He was also angry and barking.



I said “ I will pay!! Around 100$,right??” And decay coffee bean suddenly smiled. Money, money,money..... 



Then he wrote down in long paper and check price list!!



This long paper is absolutely for visa!! Also if impossible, why there is Visa price list!!!!



When he gave me receipt, I checked price, it was around 80$. 20$ was in his pocket... May I burn you??



After that, all police check demand money. As I was negotiating, driver came and said “hurry up!! Pay it!! If you don’t, I throw your bag here!!!”



This circumstance continued All check point. And while moving, taxi driver was always talking about me “This white is .....”. “Chinese boy is ....” and passengers were laughing  for 2h.



Can you imagine?? I don’t know how you think but It was struggle for me.



When I arrived Freetown, I asked local people where I can make tent ⛺️. They recommend a place behind of them.






This place is clinic and owner is Chinese guy. He accepted me and shared diner!!



chinese food!! Yummy 😋 



I appreciate his kindness and i thought I’m never ever pass this border.