Khinkali 😋 & beer 🍺



Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 22℃, Sunny








Huge khinkali!!






While I was in Batumi, I met many travelers. One day I met a guy from Argentina.



He was volunteering in Armenia 🇦🇲. So he can speak Armenia!! Actually I met one lady whose family is from Armenia in Brazil.



It may be many Armenian live in Argentina or south of Brazil🤔



Well we went to get energy.




5L. 11lira.














I understood why many alcoholic are born in Georgia... 



For me , just 2L is enough however 2.5L is my record lol. Over 2L is not tasty...



1year ago, I drunk beer 2.5L in baseball stadium in Mexico. I was super drunk at that time.







We were drinking and talking. Then We met other guys who is friend of Dima. They were holding a wine 🍷.



My gasoline 🍺 was full and almost leaked. 



I guess I was shouting where is toilet or something like that.




1🍣,3🇷🇺, 1🇦🇷



While I talked with Asso from Argentina, we spoke Spanish! I’m very happy to speak Spanish.



As I forgot many words, it was little bit hard but quite nice time.



I ordered khinkali. Khinkali is like dumpling 🥟  however they are steamed.





looks like delicious 🤤 



1pieace is 0.7lari. At least we had to order 3.




Size is like Ike as well as tennis ball🎾 



How to eat is hold top and bite bottom side. Then juicy meat liquid flowed in my mouth pass through on my tongue 👅 






It eas very hot but tasty!!!



Tasty bouillon flowed such as flood in my throat. When I bite part of meat and their outside as warm thick jacket, it started performance that was made in pretty smell and feel of food while being chewed meat. At last, this jacket hold whole thing as it like do standing ovation. 



Yes this is orchestra.









I definitely recommend this food if you come to Georgia!!