You’re from Korea 🇰🇷? it’s a lie.


Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 31℃, sunny







Early morning (8:15am), I departed Tbilisi. Somehow it was very smooth to proceed to border. 10:30am, I could be in border. 



Thanks Georgia 🇬🇪 !! I wanna comeback and live, especially Batumi is one of my favorite city in my travel 😍



There were many tourisim from China 🇨🇳While I was waiting, Armenian people asked them about nationality. Chinese seemed to be able to replay, I said about it insisted of them.



 “They are from China. Me?? I’m from Japan”



Then one Chinese woman said “No! We are from Korea!!”













Coz they absolutely spoke by Chinese and their passport is Chinese!!




I don’t know why they lied 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️



When I did passport check in counter, I also asked immigration. He said “Many Chinese came today!! Hahaha!”



Definitely they are from China. Why you lied!!




Armenia 🇦🇲!!



Chinese used bus. So I arrived before them. Then I talked with kind of tour guide. She said that we come from Hong Kong 🇭🇰.



Oh you’re from Hong Kong!! It’s totally different from China!!



But.. why she said from Korea.... honestly she would say from Hong Kong. Or I could not hear??



Well, I was little bit nervous that I would be stuck here because I have Azerbaijan Visa.



Fortunately immigration seemed to think that I am one of Hong Kong tourists. So they didn’t give any questions and stumped.



Haha!! Fucking easy to enter Armenia 🇦🇲!!






My first destination in Armenia is Vanadzor. On the way a car which picked me up took Sanahin.



There was one of famous Armenian church ⛪ 



Armenian Church is made by stone.





どろーん初操縦。Drone handling.



It was difficult to handle drone. I have to practice...



Go,Go!! Let’s go Vanadzor!!






I arrived Vanadzor!!



Armenia has many free water places.





And water is very tasty 😋 







Nice guys!! 



I met my host. A view from his home is awesome 👏 






Armenia is high potential!! I will be able to enjoy here!!