Pamir permission



Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 41℃, sunny







タジキスタン パミール高原 パーミッション ドゥシャンベ



Dushambe is looks Soviet. Building, street, shops etc...











This is national liberty. Although it seems to have wifi, I couldn’t find.




green circle area



Anyhow I went to get Pamir permission. Pamir is South East Tajikistan. When foreigners enter here, we have to show passport and this permission in each police check. 



When I got to E-Visa of Tajikistan, they suggested me to get with Pamir permission or not. But it was expensive. It cost me 70$ however normal visa is 50$ (even expensive 😂).






We can get it in Dushanbe as well and cost us 2$.



So I really recommend to get it in Dushanbe.













It was so easy to get. They know why foreigners come here and every process was fast.



1-pass my passport in reception 

2-go bank(Amonat bank) and pay 20somoni

3- pass receipt 🧾 

4- next day get it





  1. パミール高原行くこと伝えてパスポートを入り口のそばの窓口で渡す。
  2. 渡された紙を持って近くのamonat bankへ行き20ソモニ払う。
  3. 申請したところに戻り奥の窓口にレシートと渡された全ての紙を渡す。
  4. 次の日受け取り(10:00am〜)




After I applied, I went to fancy cafe which has WiFi and relax.







I could pay by card. This case is better than Uzbek??



Next morning I got permission and moved a hostel.



Actually my host in Dushanbe was not good person. He was so talkative, neither knowledgeable or respect my family.



I understood why several people usually say that give japanese passport or citizenship and so shit things.



If you wanna get another nationality, you work very hard in the country which you wanna be or get marry that nations or Ilegal way.



Don’t say me “I’m gonna marry your sister”






My hostel was full of Pakistan( or Indian??).




Smell is curry 🍛 



Well, recently Im staying hostel many times. I seem to be tired lol