Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 41℃, sunny







Khorogh is small town however there is a university. And this town is kind of junction as from Kirghiz and from Dushanbe. So tourists exchanged information.



I stayed here.




Parmir lodge.



tent-5$, domi-7$. Breakfast is 3$. Breakfast is quite expensive here lol



Let’s take a walk.






Oh! Consulate of Afganistán 🇦🇫!!



If you wanna go Afghan, you will be able to get visa here. 




There is a big park. It has such a pool 🏊 however only men were swimming. Actually many Tajik people trust muslim. That’s why.




water temperature was good.



I bought 2pirozhkis. It was oily but tasty. Inside was potato and onion. I guess even vegetarian eat this too much, they will be fat hahaha.



When I cameback hostel, one guy invited me to drink together.



why not. I followed him. Then there were other 2guys who is friend of him.



We started drinking beer 🍻 






They taught me people who live in Pamir speak Pamir. So they can speak 3language as Pamir, Tajik and Russian.



Pamir and Tajik were totally different!! 












One guy picked from his poket. It seemed to be small green clay.



“What is this?”



“ah? This one? It’s tobacco. Do you wanna smell??”









I know it’s Marijuana 🌿









But they mixed marijuana and cigarettes material. I think just marijuana is expensive (゚∀゚)



Next day was just chilling in hostel. Actually this hostel wifi was so weak. 6-10am and pm is available. But I hacked private wifi, which is very strong and speedy, so I could enjoy internet life there lol