painfully!! dyspnea😵



Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 36℃, sunny







I backed and forth to toilet in the night. While I was sleeping, many travelers were talking and eating dinner in living room together. Ohhhh I wanted to join..




Next morning, the pain became less but still feeling.I went to find a restaurant to eat breakfast.






Although Murgab is one of switch point between China and Tajikistan, town was so silence and undeveloped.




Bazzar wasn’t opened yet. But I found a restaurant and ate. 3eggs, one bread and tea. It cost 10somoni. In Tajikistan, I think other central Asian also, bread and tea are absolutely brought without ordering. Of course we should pay both of them.



I cameback to hostel and prepared. 



10:00am, I started Hitchhike however it was little bit late. Next destination is Karakul village.



Many cyclists 🚵‍♀️  🚴‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️ Headed to North part. And several tourist shared taxi also passed beside of me.



Ummmm... They gave me just wave hands.....






























It bacame 4:00pm!! May some one go to Karakol from this time!? I unexpected...


















I gave up🙋‍♂️



I returned hostel which I stayed yesterday. Then I ate dinner in hostel with new guests. All of them are cyclists except me.






Next day, I woke up early and left hostel soon. I absolutely catch it!!



But somehow I got big pain in my body. I didn’t know exactly painful point. I couldn’t breath well.. coz if I did, painful also comes. But I didn’t have a money to pay more one night here. I should have to leave....:(;゙゚'ω゚'):






Then one local small truck stopped at 8:30am!!! Although I thought he would go just 10 or 20km, he said he goes 15km left from Karakol!!!



I can walk just 15km even I have big pain in my body!!



OK!! Let’s goooooo!!! I hold pain point and got in the truck. This truck was so speedy.m but road condition was horrible!!! Once a 10seconds, I was jumping inside. This movement added my pain.








Fuuuckkkk!!! Quite pain!! I felt I was operated without anaesthesia!!






Bagooooonnn!!!! Boooomb!! 💨💨💨💨



And the truck stopped running as gasoline trouble.



Finally driver said 



“I have to fix and it cost long time. You start to walk from here.”




“!!! O..OK... Anyhow thanks for carrying me until here”



I got off broken truck and checked a map where I was.







I was 30km left from Karakol.














The road is just one way however I couldn’t see cars.



I gave up to wait and started walking. My walking is like zombie. Haha . Super slow and little bit slouch.






I was in 4000-4500m elevation. Oxygen was so little. No cars(even car came, they didn’t stop). Couldn’t  breath. Mysterious big pain. This situation is called hell.



Last attraction in Tajikistan was made me excited.




Far.... far away..



I walked 1h and got resting 30min again and again.



I walked 8h and finally arrived Karakol.... As I didn’t afford to choose hostel, I followed a woman who asked to stay at first. Actually he home stay was cheap. 50somini and including dinner and breakfast. The room was only 2bed without electronics. But it’s ok. I didn’t care.



Ahhhh I wanna sleep soooooon!!!