Canceled to fly …. changed place😭



Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 21℃, cloudy












Next day, I and my friend Yachi went to sightseeing in Kathmandu. Actually there are many interesting places, mostly ones have to pay entrance fee. And this fee is so expensive!! I guess average fee price is 10$.



10$ is big amount for me... So we chose 2places.



One of them is the biggest Stupa in the world.



We took a local bus however we couldn’t understand which one goes to there. We just asked local and went. 




full people. 



Yachi was held old guy not to fall down.



Entrance fee was 400rup. But many people didn’t pay and Sushi who is my host also said it’s not obligation.



I didn’t know.. Well, I’m Tibetan, I have to pay ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!!











Surround this Stupa has many expensive shops. 



After that, we headed out to Patan district. It’s kind of old town. Somehow we decided to walk from Biggest Stupa. It spent 1.5h by walking. 




the road was constructed in many places. I felt I came developing country!! Totally different from China.



When we arrived there, one looks like security woman asked what we have ticket or not. Then she made us go entrance of museum lol



We absolutely don’t wanna go museum, so we ignored their offer and left. To visit this place is free.













Looks like nice however they were broken by big earthquake. If I were here before earthquake, I could see beautiful temples. And other sightseeing places were also broken. I hope they will be fixed as soon as possible.






Next day, we and guide left Tamel area and went to airport. domestic and international airport is in same place. 



Domestic airport was full of hikers!! Several people already prepared to climb as they put helmet ⛑ . Yeah, these guys were so early to prepare lol



Our plan was to hike upon Everest base camp. So our first destination is Lukla which is beginning point to hike in Everest area. So many hikers who will go Lukla were waiting.

















Our guide informed us that our flight was delaying.



Well... I guessed bad situation....



We waited more 2h. Then guide suddenly called.



Then airport announce said that Lukla airport was closed because of weather.






I heard several people sighed and disappointed 😞 



I understand but we can’t complain for weather... I lost chance...






Guide suggested to change trekking place. Actually Yachi doesn’t have time to travel in Nepal. If we waited to go Everest nace camp, we must hurry. But we assumed we couldn’t. 



So we gave up to go EBC( Everest Base Camp) and changed to go Annapurna Base Camp. This base camp is in 4130m. So it’s easy and can be fast.



Of course it was sad to lost opportunity to go EBC. But it made a reason why I must come Nepal again( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)






Once we cameback Tamel and rest in hotel.






Definitely we go Annapurna!!