First time to come Bali



Amigos🌵!Je m’appelle Hayato (하야토)!




Temperature 31℃, sunny







11:00am,I left Issac home. Thanks for hosting me! However we can meet in Japan on March again.



From Singapore to Johor Balu, buses are running. But fee is different as where you come from. From JB is 4mry, from Singapore is 3.3S$. Do you know what I want to say?? Just currency is different, real price is almost 4times different...



Omg.. but no choice. 


There are 2buses. Yellow or red bus. Paying by card is 3.3S$. But if you pay by cash, yellow bus is 3.5S$. 0.2S$ is more expensive than red. Quality, destination are same.






When I arrived Malaysia immigration ,it was Friday, There were many people.




Slowly, slowly..



The bus took me until JB bus terminal. But if you dropped immigration, that connects JB central station.



I searched a train which goes to KL directly but there was nothing... they said "yes" but I had to transfer on the way.



Thats why I went to bus terminal. 



this bus is cheapest, I guess.



while waiting, I met two Vietnamese girls. They got vacation for 5days and traveling Singapore and Malaysia!! So they were hurry to move.




I arrived KL 11:00pm. As it was Friday, some people were singing big voice and music 🎵.. noisy(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)!!



Next day was resting. I visited church and famous cafe.









I recovered my energy. yup, I'll go next county!!






When I checked-in the counter, somehow worker mistyped my name. Lol





Ortita. Who are you.










1:00am, I arrived Bali Indonesia 🇮🇩!! Bali is first time 👍



Indonesia is second time to come. As I had good impression, I was excited. And Bali is famous island as you know😆







But I slept in airport however this is Bali.