How is corona?!




Como está todos!?



How is going my friends!?



It's long time to no writing this blog. Do you remember what I wrote blog?lol



I guess you're boring in this time.


Because of......













What are you doing?

















I'm drinking SAKE 🍶 


(Red face means enjoying drinking)





We Japan are in this circumstances as well. We have 18259 infected parsons.



Wow 😳



Actually this amount is less than some European countries however we are closed to  China 



Well, Your country is also getting, right??



How is your circumstances?? Impossible to go out? Can't buy anything??



I suppose in Tokyo is better than other countries. I mean we can go wherever we go, buy any food (however mask is always sold out),no fighting,etc...


*Today Tokyo's govener declared that we are REQUESTED NOT TO GO OUT IN THIS WEEKEND unless it's emergency.



 You know they don't declared state of emergency but just requested. 


So we can still move anyplace. Hahahaha))



I think we don't need to care seriously. And check correct or certain info such as evidence of   infection prevention specialist, results which government's announcement.





TAKE THE BEER!! Especially corona!!



Humans can't die easily.

we are strong 💪 



If you was boring, I would update my travel experience again(or you can see my past article 😆). And I will tell Japan circumstances now.


So I'll try to make u enjoy as much as I can if u read this blog.