make Tajine !!















Ready to cook 👨‍🍳 


Suddenly Rabat came to be cold... wtf.



And these days rained... moreover it was strong and windy. I don’t wanna catch a cold 😑



I went to embassy if Liberia again. The security remembered me and said “hello, you have to give something for me”



He is as crazy as ever凸(゚皿゚メ) 



There was one guy before me. They were talking English (?). The guy asked boss to get something until today. But boss said “No. .......”



This his day was Friday. That’s why he would like to be... 



Boss saw me “ sit down here”



Okay okay. I bring everything what you said.



I passed


Hotel reservation

•picture of visa(1)

•passport copy(1)



thats it.



And he gave me application. While I was writing it, he said “‘May I help you? I can support you...”



Yes, he cared about work finish time.



In spite of a lots empty space, he accepted it. Lol



After we talked about how is Rabat, how is Japan and how is Moroccan girl (←hey ambassador 😂)




When I came back home, there is school bus.



Even morocco has it. Wow!



 Of course there were also family who pick up kids. That’s why this area is traffic jam.



The dinner is Tajine. Montacir cooked it!!



Our tajine pot don’t have lid.



No probrem. Pan is instead of lid. Yes we can.



Why you show open piment( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!!



No problem. We don’t mind. But why?? Lol






Put potatoes 🥔 





Carrot 🥕 and piment Also put between potatoes.


colorful one!!



Then we were waiting for 1.5h... making tajine has loooooong time. 



Yes!! It’s done! Let’s eat!!!!
















I forgot to take picture 😧




Anyway it was tasty. I like tajiiiiiine!!



After eating, we talked about religion and universe and beginning of earth.



I think, I don't mean it in a weird way, To elucidate how born earth or human is same to elucidate what is god. 



I don’t trust any religion. To be frankly I don’t know what is trust now. But I can accept you opinion. This is most important, right??



And Montacir said “ I learned that how to built building in the Mars”



Wow, Morocco university student learn amazing thing. Japanese student also learn it??🤔



This night made my brain  tired too much...