Our driver was arrested 👮‍♀️💩















Traveling Mauritania is quite funny 🤣🤣!! We already arrived Nuakchott. 



Yestarday Mathis and I left Nuadibu. Thanks for everything Omar!! You’re always in border as working but I could spend good time with other guests!



We tried to hitchhike. A lots people say “hitchhike in Mauritania is more difficult than Moroccco”



Exactlly hitchhike in Morocco was not easy... I can imagine in Mauritania is more difficult hahaha.






A lots taxi stopped. Even we are showing board which is written “Nuakchott”



Although several cars stopped, all they said “ Give me money”.  Ummm it’s not Hitchhike...



One driver said us “why you travel however you don’t have money ??”



Its interesting question. But Answer is easy. “Even if you don’t have money, you can travel”



Depend on how to use money , the things what you can see are different.



Unfortunately we were stuck 6h and couldn’t get... lol



We gave up... I can’t imagine what it’s impossible to hitchhike other countries in Africa after Mauritania.😆😆😆



We asked local people how much bus price is. He said “around 400-600um”



OK OK. Thanks.



Then we went to such a bus terminal, some drivers said “600um”



Only one driver said “ you guys 2 persons!? Ok 800um, no problem”



Wow!! It’s good!! We chose his bus.




We didn’t know this choice is gonna nightmare...





8person + crazy amount fly ∞ on 7seat.




Let’s go.



At first, the bus head out City Center in Nuadibu coz driver forgot permission what it is to get out the city.



Hey. It’s important thing!! How could you forgot ??lol



The bus run and run.. 



While we run where road is not stable , this bus doesn’t know decelerate. My ass split 4...






0:30am, we stopped police check before Nuakchott 30km left.









Oh?? This case was long time to stop...








Police said us “everyone get off”




Wow. Although we took police check several time on the way, getting off is first time.





And police also said “You’re driver doesn’t have car license and there are a lots problem. So we arrest him.




























OUR DRIVER WAS ARRESTED!!┣¨━━━━(´゚Д゚`)━━━━ン!!











While Passenger were not responsible, we had to show our ID as passport 😭



Mathis and I were talking about dangerous country in Africa. Mathis said “republic of Central Africa is very dangerous hahaha”



Yes I know it is called killing and rape country (殺戮とレイプの国)in Japan!!



At that time One passenger was asked “give me your passport” by Police.



He answered with laughing 😆 






“Im from Republic of Central Africa.”







(  Д ) ゚ ゚






We were silent.





In our turn, they asked do you have Hotel or hostel? Coz this time there are many gangs☠️ in Nuakchott. We don’t wanna take you guys there right now.




So we spent night in this checkpoint.







They gave us Yoghurt and cakes. Very kindly...



Camp was very comfortable. Good night!!






We slept 3:00am and woke up 8:00am. Then they gave us bread and tea... 




Ileagal car lol 😂 



Lets go dangerous city Nouakchott!!