criminal is.... adios my phone 📱👋














As I could get host in Monlovia, we met. He is not Liberian but Nigerian!!



Wow, I didn’t think I met Nigerian. I’m very interesting about his country. Actually Japanese embassy talk me “Don’t go there right now” lol



He is American (nickname). His family (?) or friends are working in the market. While I was staying there, I worked with them.



What is our job is selling sandal 👡. Price is 600-700LB$ sometimes 550. Yes, African business is no price card. Just talking.








There are plenty of Nigerian and Guinean people in this market. Nigerian says “ Liberian doesn’t like foreigners.”



But!! My work place is peaceful. Each other help and talk too much, as both of them can speak English. I prefer to Nigerian English. I can’t understand Liberian English😭😭😭 I don’t have idea why Nigerian can understand.. African English...



“how far!?”


“le go!”


“co wa!!”


“ i wan ne co wa!”



If I stayed one year, I would get used to being... 





















No customer came here!!! Looool




Although we work around 9:30am-17:30pm, we sell 10 shoes. Namely we spent mostly time to talk.



It’s survival... Definitely they are not satisfied however food is very cheap (1$)...



Sometimes i found kids. So we played “Origami” 





While we were playing, other kids came. And they looked us too.



We made “Tsuru” and he looked like happy 😆 I felt I shared nice time!!



When I took my bag after that,





























(  Д ) ゚ ゚















My bag was opened!! And my phone was gone!!




Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I didn’t watch out!! Ahhhhh💩💩💩💩💩💩!!




I explained what happened to my friends and they say “ there are a lots criminal kids here. Be careful.”






Its it’s too late💩








tidy up.



Be careful. I’m in Africa 🙄