inside of Mosque 🕌 يخبئه أهداه















Mosque 🕌 



Mostly Liberian people are Cristian or Islam.To be honestly I felt they doesn’t like each other, however they are talking, selling, buying and etc... in the life.



When My friends and I talk about religion, they tell me such a excellent my religion and the other religions are strange.



this is an important.



I talked about religion with a lots people since I’ve traveled. In Liberia, they are very aggressive to denying religion that they don’t trust. Also they didn’t accept my idea as I don’t have religion.



Can’t controlling religion is also dangerous. I could learn.



Well, I made friend who is from Guinea. His name is Alpha. He is very friendly and Muslim. We are good relationships (I hope so 🤣), however Ame and his friends and he are good it on just surface



Alpha is still student. He comes to work and learn English. He cooks African sandwich which is super oily egg with something ingredients. I don’t have idea he is good cook but every morning he looks like busy lol



One day I asked him I can enter mosque or not. He said “Yes”






He invited me to come mosque.



Woooooow!!! Sweet experience!!



So I followed him. He also works same market as well as Ame and there is a small mosque. Although there is big mosque in Monlovia, I seem not to enter. Hahaha, I can imagine.





Wash foot, hand and face.



We went up. I was so nervous!! Coz it was first time and everyone gazed. I thought that people suddenly hit or kick me😱😱😱.




tense tense tense🙄



The room is divided between man and woman by just one curtain.



Alpha said “ you can come and pray together”. 




OMG!! If I missed the way, even I don’t know how to do lol, absolutely someone hit me!!!






So I sit down behind them as Ninja...









Of course it was strange situation as one Asian boy sit down in Mosque!!! All people who enter gazed me👁👁.



I gave them special tense smile 😀. Please don’t hit me.




There is line. People stand on it.






People are praying with Koran. They do same time, action, saying. Praying on the way Several people enter later. It seems to be no matter.






In mosque is very comfortable. I mean the point of atmosphere. But I felt mosque is more focus to pray than church. That’s why it’s not easy to enter?? Or was this case lucky??






Anyway thanks for inviting me Alpha! I got a rare experience( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)