I’m not terrorist🤣














After cameback Madaba to downtown,  I headed to Bus terminal around 9pm. I saw an info about airport bus. They say bus is working every hour until 0:00am. So I didn’t worry what I would upset.



Bus terminal has ticket counter. They sell a ticket 3.3JD. 









My flight is 3:30am. So I have to wait a long time...



what?? where am I going?? 








It’s easy to find answer. That’s why I don’t put in this time lol



At first I cameback Ankara,Turkey. While I didn’t know whether I was sleeping or not, I already arrived. It spent 1h. 






Once I entered Turkey and I rechecked.



At the moment problem happened.



When I checked in at counter,works saw my destination with dubious face.




“Are you sure(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)?” They said.




“What’s the matter?(smile)”





......(staring my passport and flight ticket)





“Go Police”










Really!!!??? Should I go there!!??😂😂



One guy said to follow him and took me police office.






what will happen ...


Then 6~8police surrounded me and checked passport.



One of looks like boss asked.

































Answer what I said “guess” is Iraq as my next destination.



Actually I’ll go Erbil, Kurdistan. Only This region is to be able to go without Visa. 



And Kurdistan is like being Taiwan. They try to indepndent. And Erbil is capital of Kurdistan in Iraq.



This region






Well, I replied why I wanna go there. Add they asked to show my pictures of phone. I said “why you wanna see pictures?”




They said “ I’m sorry but we are not sure what you will be terrorist or IS members, etc...”








I was doubted what I’ll be terrorist😂😂😂😂😂😂



Ooookkk!! You guys can check everything whatever you want!!!



I was laughing and laughing.



After all the doubt was gone and they released me.






The flight was Ankara to Gaziantep. Gaziantep was said that there is possibility to being real terrorist. Also Japanese government announces not to go there.



So I didn’t go out from airport however it was quite long transit time. Fortunately I could get WiFi there lol



Departed Gaziantep was 3:00am. I immediately  slept in airplane coz I hadn’t slept too much.



Finally I arrived Erbil airport at 5:00am. I’ll enjoy in Erbil!! Also I absolutely avoid dangerous things as much as possible 😂