I’m in Iraq 🇮🇶!! actually in Erbil.

















It is first time to come here Iraq 🇮🇶. Actually I’m in Erbil, Kurdistan.






However airport is looks like close to center on map, the distance is 6km.



then I immediately thought, I can walk.



Longer traveling time, longer distance what I can walk. Normally I walk about 15km par day. 



The range to be able to walk is radius 5km. Somehow I like to walk. Even when I was in Japan, I got used to walking too much. 




Btw there is taxi, not bus!!, from airport to Downtown. But it cost 20$!!!



Which poor backpacker pay ??? Omg... If I  have 20$, I can spend 1week in Mexico...



So I walked. 









Baghdad,Kirkuk and Mosul all of them are prohibited to go for Foreigners now except special workers as government, army, etc...



But I was glad to see Baghdad in this sign bord. Coz I really felt that I came Iraq. And this word “Baghdad” was showed only TV, newspaper and internet until now, finally I could see by eyes 👀!!!



Hahaha!! I’m in Iraqqqqqqq🤩🇮🇶🤩🇮🇶🤩🇮🇶



I’m excited.







Once I passed downtown and went to shopping mall coz I had to connect internet to send message what I already arrived erbil for host and meet up friends.




beau mosque 🕌 



Kurdish people are also friendly. They can’t help to saying hello when they see foreigners lol



Several people were gazing me at first but when I said hello or salam , they gave me smiles. Such a friendly people!!!



When I got WiFi, a friend just called me. Then we went to his English lesson in university.



His name is Khattab, actually I don’t know how pronounced lol. He is working and learning English. And his class is for adults.








Teacher seems to be from Iraq.



But he doesn’t speak Kurdish or Arabic except special case. When students ask, they speak their language however Answer is English.



This course is learning grammar. I also study English.



Teacher was so strict lol. When student missed  just one spelling, he said “ you don’t know how to spell??  OMG, very bad” or “ if you can’t answer, I’ll kick you out from this room”...😱😱😱



Most important to study is to make spontaneous. I believe that teacher has to urge their mind... 



But my logical is for kids hehehe.



Anyway it was quite nice time(゚∀゚)






Especially the lesson tell us not only English grammar, but also habit of other countries culture or morality. 



Its sounds good. All students attentively listened to what teacher told. 






Erbil is revolutionizing 💪