New passport















セネガル パスポート 増刷]


Ahhh..... mosquito everywhere ..... is the country in Africa which doesn’t have them!!??



My passport page is almost finish. So I must add new page. I had been a lots (?) countries... 



If you’re passport page is gone, you can add new one in your country embassy in where you are. I hope all countries do it🤔



Japanese embassy is in south part of Dakar. It’s difficult to walk there from Ouakam. So I decided to use Local bus which price is 200cfa.




Which bus take me for there??



As Senegal is one of development country in Africa, mostly bus has numeber board or electric one!! Also you can use this →AFTU Ligne 3 bus tata Dakar: du Yoff Village vers Gare de Petersen



It’s not complicated. Quite easy to use them. I suppose that they make metro or another transportation as soon as possible.



I dropped off near the embassy and walking.





Although maps me show how to go there, there is court on the way. Then I was closing there, it seemed to be impossible to through lol



Why Japanese embassy was built here!!! I had to walk more longer!!! No mames.



I arrived and told security a reason why I come. At that time it was rest, so I was waiting in front of there. Some people also were waiting. Perhaps they will come Japan....??? 



I came on time when security said, they let me write such a admission paper. Then they asked me “ Can you speak Wolf 🤣? Hahahaha!!”



I replied my fucking terrible Wolf word I knew. Fortunately They laughed more and let me pass first. Merci lol.



Long time to no speak with Japanese. I was glad to meet them!! They added new page about 30min!! Very speedy and helpful.




















I think 20 pages increased... I can continue to travel ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!!